Eucalan is committed to helping you look and smell your best, with Stain Treating Towlettes or Getaway Gang to Wrapture Balm.

To complement the Eucalan Delicate Wash line, there are also accessories designed to suit your busy lifestyle. Clothing emergencies happen frequently when you are on the road and away from the conveniences of home and stripping off your shirt in the washroom to try to remove that stain from lunch time might attract unwanted attention. Plus we've made it easy to take our newest scent, Wrapture with you on the go. Keep these handy items in your car, laptop bag, purse or at the office. You will easily look neat and professional, ready for anything that comes your way.

Wrapture Balm
Based on the seductive scent of Jasmine, Wrapture Balm is a first for Eucalan with an eco-friendly balm made from essential oils and is perfect for rough skin, cuticles, dry hair and of course as a perfume. It is a portable, compact handbag essential that won't leak and makes it easy for air travel. Wrapture's emollient rich formula feels silky and absorbs quickly leaving behind the beautifully intoxicating scent of jasmine which is a natural aphrodisiac. Created in collaboration with Kristin Omdahl.
gift pack.png
Gift Pack
This set of 5 bottles of Eucalan is neatly packaged in a clear re-usable zip bag in each of our scents. The Gift Pack is a popular item for gift-giving - include it with a cute baby item, beautiful lingerie or the lovely sweater you've knit.
pump 2.jpg
Pump for 16.9 US fl.oz / 500mL
Reusable pump
Dispenses the perfect amount
Stain Treating Towelettes.jpg
Stain Treating Towlettes
Eucalan saturated towelettes, individually packaged for your On The Go emergencies. Simply blot or rub the wipe on the affected spot as soon as possible for stain treating and garment freshening. 
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Pump for 1 gal / 4L
Reusable pump
Dispenses the perfect amount
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Getaway Gang
Eucalan's Getaway Gang is a travel essential for garment care. The clear re-usable zip bag is packed with items to keep your garments in great shape while away from home. Just toss it into luggage while you're packing.