This is just a sampling of some of the many letters and emails we've received on a daily basis over the past 30 years!

"I recommend Eucalan to all my silk lingerie clients. It's more than a wash, It's a beauty treatment for natural fabrics like silk and wool, and an aromatherapy treat for the user!"

Patricia Fieldwalker
Adagio Lingerie Collection

"I was introduced to your product during the Curve NY Show. Recently I used Eucalan on a shirt that had some stage make-up on it. It was a delicate shirt and I wanted to wash it by hand. I poured the Eucalan in and didn't notice any difference immediately. The solution was not slippery, sudsy or changed in any way...but I put my shirt in anyways. After 5-10 minutes I returned to find my sink filled with tan colored water (I have a glass sink). There was a layer of tan-make up color forming as sediment on the bottom of my sink and not a spot of color on my shirt. Eucalan is an amazing product! It was able to remove make-up from a delicate shirt without scrubbing. It was effortless! I plan to stock this product and refer it to all my customers."

Thank you
Winnie Tsui
Co-owner of The Art of Shaping

“Our customers continue to make repeat purchases and we are gaining new customers from word of mouth and recommendations on a regular basis resulting in rapid sales growth.”

“The product speaks for itself and the services level are great”

Spirit of The Andes Ltd.

"Eucalan is a fabulous product that is great for sweaters, needlepoint, silks and any delicate fabrics. Ask your better stores to carry it--it's the best of its kind that I have found."

Buffalo Evening News,
2000 - "Sew Simple" by syndicated columnist Eunice Farmer

"We recommend Eucalan Woolwash with confidence to all our customers for washing their handmade rayon garments. We are so impressed with this product that we give a free sample to every customer with their fabric purchase. Eucalan leaves our quality rayon fabrics feeling soft, clean and smelling wonderful. When we travel on business or for pleasure, we always take Eucalan along. It is perfect for hand-washing and so convenient because it doesn't need rinsing!"

Barb Alexander & Lee Mackenzie
The Batik Butik Inc.

"We have been using Eucalan Lavender Wash and Eucalan Wool Wash as our main cleaning agents for our Wetcleaning operation for the past several years. These nontoxic and biodegradable products give us the cleaning results and fabric protection we need to keep our customers coming back."

Dennis Peckham
FRESH n PRESS Cleaners

"Egli's Sheep Farm has been in the Wool and Sheepskin business for over 40 years.Eucalan Woolwash is the only product we recommend for washing washable sheepskins and wool products. It freshens and cleans and we are confident in the results when washing bulky items such as sheepskin rugs and wool sweaters. It is both convenient and economical to use as you only require a small amount and NO RINSE means less water too! All our staff uses Eucalan regularly and feel confident in recommending it to our customers."

Peter Egli
Egli's Sheep Farm & Animal Park