Small and Large Pets

Pets benefit from being washing in non-toxic Eucalan. The lanolin helps to condition their skin and hair/fur while the EUCALYPTUS essential oil helps to repel fleas.

Small Pets: eg. small dog, guinea pig, hedgehog

  • Add 5mL/1tsp or 15mL/1 T Eucalan to basin/laundry tub. Fill with water.
  • Wash pet in the Eucalan/water mixture. (It's ok if they drink a little as it is non-toxic.)
  • Rinse pet but if they dash away, it's ok, Eucalan won't harm their coat/skin is.
  • Remove pet from water and towel dry.

Large Pets: eg. large dog or horse

  • Get animal thoroughly wet.
  • Rub full strength Eucalan onto the fur/hair. Start with small amounts as a little goes a long way.
  • Rinse most of soap off animal.
  • Towel dry to get most of the water off animal.

Pet Bedding/Saddle Pads:

  • Depending upon size of item, you may want to wash in washing machine, in a large tub outdoors or a bath tub.
  • Wash according to directions.
  • Tumble dry small items in dryer on low setting with a tennis ball or dryer balls. Dry larger items outside on clothes line or draped over picnic table or fence.

Horse Blankets/Coolers:

  • Spread blanket flat on the floor/ground.
  • Soak with a hose and then dribble Eucalan randomly on blanket.
  • Scrub with a clean stable brush.
  • Rinse off the dirty water and hang on fence to dry.