Water can cause dyes that are not set to bleed or run. Please be sure to check that your threads are colourfast prior to wetting your needlepoint or embroidery piece. Click here to see how.

Eucalan does not recommend immersing your piece in water, but suggests the following method for cleaning.

  • Mix Eucalan and water into a spray bottle. 1 part Eucalan to 12 parts water.
  • Shake to ensure the soap is incorporated into the water.
  • Spritz mixture onto needlepoint/embroidery and then blot off the excess water and soap with a clean cloth.
  • For food spots, use a small soft brush to loosen the soil after spritzing.
  • No need to rinse.


Several good shakes outdoors helps to remove dust and debris from hooked rugs. Also, vacuuming can lift out particles, but be gentle and do not use the beater bar. Eucalan does recommend spot cleaning if there is food or dirt that does not come off after shaking.

  • Follow directions for Needlepoint/Embroidery.