Make-Up Removal from Clothing:

Eucalan proves to be a hero when it comes to removing make-up from cottons and linens. Our California representative and professional costumer, Melissa Antablin has written an article, Eucalan Make-Up Removal Demo for details on removing make-up from all types of fibers.

Tip: deal with stain while it is still fresh

1. Place paper towel underneath fabric.

2. Blot stain with paper towel to remove excess make-up

3. Apply Eucalan full-strength to stain. Blotting with paper towel. Do this several times.

4. Once saturated, rinse stain with tepid water (not hot!). Most of the colour should be gone by this point.

5. Apply Eucalan again. Work it in to fabric. Rinse. Stain should be gone.

For pictures and added details follow the link above to Melissa's article on

Cleaning Make-Up Brushes:

Make-up brushes should be cleaned weekly to remove excess make-up, body oils and dead skin.

1. Wet bristles with water.

2. Add a drop of full-strength Eucalan to bristles. Massage through with fingers in the direction the bristles are placed (from base to tip)

3. Rinse well. Repeat Steps 2-3.

4. Gently squeeze excess water out of bristles by placing brush on a clean absorbent towel, wrap towel over bristles and press the towel down onto the bristles. Do not rub, simply press down. Do this several times, then allow brushes to lay on towel until fully dry. Note: do not stand brushes on bristles or on ends as this will ruin your brush.