Eucalan is a delicately mild soap, gentle enough to be the primary soap used to care for all your babies’ favourite things. Simply follow these directions for machine laundering loads of baby laundry. Many love Lavender for their baby items, but you can refer to our scent selection information to choose your favourite.

Wool Diaper Covers:

Use Eucalan between lanolizing to help prolong the lanolizing and wash soiled covers.

  • Run tepid water and add Eucalan to running water.
  • Use directions on the bottle for soaking times and dosage.
  • Soak longer or use high dosage of Eucalan for heavily soiled items.
  • Squeeze soap and water through with hands occasionally while item is soaking.
  • Spin (in machine) or squeeze excess water out (roll in a towel to remove further moisture) and air dry flat away from direct heat or sunlight

Stuffed Animals:

Eucalan brightens and cleans favourite stuffed animals. A little elbow grease has to be used for particularly soiled stuffies, but itís worth the effort when your little one cuddles up with their best friend again.

  • Follow directions on bottle for hand washing.
  • Spot treat particularly soiled areas with full strength Eucalan.
  • Gently rub area using a soft brush (an old tooth brush is recommended).
  • Remove stuffie from water and spin (in machine) or squeeze out excess water.
  • Hang or lay flat to dry. Can be tumbled on low setting in dryer to fluff.


Depending upon the number of items, wash by hand or in machine.

  • Follow directions for hand or machine wash.

Nursing Bras:

Nursing bras should be washed between every use to keep them clean and help them maintain their shape. Washing does not deteriorate bras; body oils, lotions and potions, milk from unexpected "let down" and simply wearing your bra contributes to fibre wear and tear. Washing keeps fibres clean and helps elastic maintain its original tension.

  • Follow directions for hand wash preferably. If you choose to machine wash, ensure fasteners are closed and place bra in a mesh laundry bag or pillow case to help protect it from other garments and retain its shape.

Diaper Bag Essential:

An essential item for every diaper bag are stain treating towelettes for garments. It never fails, when you're dressed up and away from home, your baby will either spit up on your clothes or his/her own outfit. A Eucalan wipe kept handy in your diaper bag will remedy the situation.

  • Simply remove the towelette from the package and unfold.
  • Wipe excess amount of soil from garment with napkin, then use Eucalan towelette to treat the stain.
  • Apply starting at the outside of the stain working towards the centre.
  • Success removing the stain will depend upon the type of fibre, how old the stain is, and if it's oil or water based. Ink, paint, and mustard may be impossible to remove.