Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

Did you know?

* You can cut back water use by at least 50% using Eucalan.

* The lanolin in Eucalan and the essential oils used to scent the product act as natural fabric softeners and help prevent static cling.

* Automatic clothes washers account for about 20% of our total indoor water use

So try:

* Running your washer and dryer at night to ease hydro and water burdens

* Making it a full load or adjust the water level to the amount of laundry

* Spot cleaning items that are not otherwise dirty

* Pre-treating stains ASAP and let sit for 10 min. prior to laundering

* Using warm or cold water rather than hot

* Adding a few drops of Eucalan instead of a conditioner/softener to the rinse water - this avoids build-up that occurs with other fabric softeners (this works especially good on bath towels/bedding - Lavender is the best - it calms and induces sound sleep)

* Hanging or laying clothes flat to dry

* Hand washing when you only have a few items - it's easy using Eucalan

* Doing back-to-back loads in the dryer to take advantage of the fact that the dryer is already hot

* Cleaning dryer vents and lint traps regularly

* Use “wet-cleaners” rather than dry cleaners for specialty items and pressing

If you have any other eco friendly laundry tips, please pass them along to us so that we can let others know about your great idea! Email us at